We Help people Create Authentic Experiences With Uniquely Designed Locally Manufactured and Eco-friendly Glassware, now available online
The Shops
Ngwenya Glass
Ngwenya Glass shop boasts our vast range of tableware and African animals, from classical to quirky wineglasses, large center pieces and one off pieces made in our onsite glass blowing factory. Our animal range covers the big five: Elephants, Leopards, Buffalo, Rhinos and Lions. Plus a whole range of aquatic and airborne animals.
Baobab Batik & Dala Spaces
Amid the picturesque mountains of Malkerns, Swaziland, on a dairy farm surrounded by pineapple fields you will find Baobab Batik. Founded by Els Hooft in 1991, with the aim of sharing her passion for batik, whilst building sustainable economic and social solutions for women in Swaziland. www.baobab-batik.com
Gone Rural
Gone Rural is a revolutionary leader in social enterprise. Inspired by 750 women weavers, we rethink & transform craft, taking it to new heights globally.
Quazi Design
Quazi Design is a cutting edge craft company that transforms waste magazines into original accessories and interiors, believing that the combination of craftsmanship and innovation is a powerful tool to promote stability in the developing world. www.quazidesign.com
Our Signature Collection represents the finest woven sisal baskets and refined Sisal and Silver Jewellery, and is created by our most experienced Master Weavers and Silversmiths.
The Chocolate Shop
The Chocolate Shop produces hand-made Belgian style chocolate right here in Swaziland. An indulgent mix of beautiful chocolate shapes unusual flavours such as chilli, peanut butter and cocoa dusted truffles. ngwenya-glass-chocolate-shop
Arrum Lilly
Young designer Tanya Aab is making waves with her line of one-of-a-kind fashion pieces. Tanya is making sassy, flirty dresses and outfits in tshweshwe fabrics
The Blowing Room
The Glass Blowers
They work seemingly effortless throughout the day making all manor of glassware items. One team blows wine glass, the next makes animal and the last team is reserved for anything out of the ordinary.
The furnace
This runs on a mix of KFC cooking oil sourced from all over Swaziland, old engine oil and a mix of parafin is added to reach the melting temperature of 1350 degree centigrade. We load the furnace each night with bottle glass collected from all over Swaziland.
The Lehr
This continuous feed oven/kiln is 12 meters long. At one end where the finished item are stowed the temperature is at 580 degrees centigrade. With varying temperatures throughout the conveyor, from 580 down to room temperature, the glass takes around 6 hours to get to the other end.