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Ngwenya Glass have recently taken over the Chocolate Shop at the Ngwenya Glass Complex. This is certainly exciting news for us as we have many many years of experience in the designing and production of exciting products.
We use 3D printing which is an additive manufacturing process that creates a physical object from a digital design. Interestingly, the products are produced layer by layer in third dimension therefore, logos can be designed and fabricated to meet individual needs on health condition and physical activities. Customers, corporate clients or your guests and users can see their edible creations come to life. Working in collaboration with some of the corporate giants has been a privilege and a very rewarding experience for us. The overall principle of 3D printing carries many potential benefits applicable to multiple industries and companies, not just to chocolate. One of the main benefits is the ability to rapidly produce a brand-new design without the need for special tooling or expensive capital investment. Together we could create a set of design rules for future products to be made.
Our first design is The Big 5 embedded on a map of Swaziland.
The Big 5 on a map of Eswatini
big five
3D Design